Articling Guidelines for the Recruitment of Articling Students is currently being updated.


*Please do not contact library or law association staff for information concerning firms or positions posted.

Posted Sept 14, 2017
Pavey Law-Family Law Lawyer-Cambridge, ON

Posted Sept 14, 2017

SutherlandMark-Corporate Law Clerk-Kitchener, ON

Posted Sept 5, 2017

Farhood, Boehler Winny-Law Clerk-Waterloo, ON

Posted Aug 18, 2017
Recent Call Seeking Position in Waterloo Region

Posted Aug 04, 2017
Lennox & Penney - Solicitor - Cambridge, ON

Posted July 31, 2017
Giffen LLP - Business Lawyer - Kitchener, ON

Posted June 29, 2017
Student-at-Law Seeking 2017/2018 Articling Position