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Statutes & Regulations



Full text statutes and regulations, updated weekly by CanLII from the e-Laws website


Official copies of Ontario’s statutes and regulations

Ontario Gazette

Ontario’s official publication for legislative decisions, proclamations of new statutes, all regulations, etc.

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Bills & Lawmaking

Bills from current & previous Ontario Parliaments

Debates & Proceedings

Hansard transcripts, orders & notices, and votes & proceedings

Orders in Council

Digital copies of Orders approved after July 1, 2016

Osgoode Ontario Statutes Collection

Digital copies of pre-2000 statutes (annual & revised)



Full text statutes and regulations, updated weekly by CanLII from the Justice Laws Website

Justice Laws Website

Official online source for consolidated Acts and regulations of Canada. Maintained by the Department of Justice. Includes current and repealed acts, as well as annual statutes 1995.


Access to a wide range of information about each bill before Federal Parliament

Parliamentary Business

Find Debates (Hansard transcripts) and other vital publications from current & previous sessions of Parliament

Projected Order of Business

Daily tentative working agenda

Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers

Showing all the chapters of the Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, with their amendments, and certain other public Acts and their amendments

Table of Private Acts

All federal private Acts, other than those dealing with divorce, that have been published in the Statutes of Canada since 1867

Canada Gazette, Part I

Notices & Proposed Regulations

Canada Gazette, Part II

Official Regulations

Canada Gazette, Part III

Acts of Parliament

Orders in Council
You can search in Council from 1990 to present; those from November 2002 are a full-text available in full-text on the site; previous ones can be ordered.

LiPaD: search the Hansard from 1901 to present

Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers

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