We've collected testimonials from lawyers people living and working in the law industry in the Waterloo Region. Read their un-cut real-life experiences and opinions.

"I summered, articled and practised with Torys in Toronto and New York prior to moving to the Waterloo Region two years ago. Cambridge has the feel of a small town, with the amenities of a large city and clients and work that you would only expect from a much larger market. You're very central here - minutes from Kitchener-Waterloo, an hour to Toronto, an hour to London and an hour to Niagara Falls. I enjoy that you still work hard with great clients, but have more time for play. More and more young lawyers are moving to this area and we're working hard to develop a network for people that are new to the area or new to practice."

Pavey, Law & Witteveen LLP

"My husband and I relocated to Kitchener-Waterloo from Ottawa because my husband was offered a great position with Research in Motion (RIM). At the time of our relocation, I was in my third year of real estate practice in Ottawa with Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG). As luck would have it, BLG had opened an office in K-W a few years before and I was offered a transfer to the Kitchener-Waterloo BLG office. I accepted the transfer, and now one year later I am settled and continue to practice in the area of real estate. My clients vary from national corporations to small businesses and individuals. I have gained a great deal of experience on complex files and even as a young associate, I control/manage many of my own files. I feel like I have the best of all worlds - I am a lawyer with a Canada's largest law firm, but I practice in a smaller city where I can more quickly develop the growth of my reputation in the community."


There's a lot to be said for living and practicing in Waterloo Region. My wife and I moved here from Toronto over 14 years ago because we sensed it would be a great place to raise our young family. We had a few friends and family members in the area, so we thought we had a pretty good idea about what the region had to offer. But, what we didn't expect was how dynamic and culturally diverse our adopted community would be. Whether it's the KW Symphony blending comedy with orchestral music or Perimeter Institute's knack for showing tweenagers how physics can be cool, this place has a real energy to it that's hard to find outside a large metropolitan area. There are lots of excellent reasons why Waterloo Region is a great place to call home, but, for me, it's mostly about the people who generate that energy. In Waterloo Region, you'll find your neighbours, co-workers, local musicians, coaches and community leaders are a bunch of smart, talented people who tend not to take themselves too seriously. You'll be impressed by their generous spirit and their genuine concern for others. But more than anything, you'll be surprised by their constant drive to seek out new and innovative ways to build a better place to live. That might not be the precise reason why we moved here in the first place, but that's the reason we're staying.”

SHAUN DEVINE, AVP & Senior Counsel
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

“We moved to Waterloo region almost 30 years ago so I could start my first job after my call to the bar. Since then I have enjoyed a challenging and rewarding career as corporate counsel with one of Canada's largest financial services companies. Waterloo Region has also been a great place for my wife and I to raise our children. Waterloo Regional has a very active arts and culture community. In addition to the arts and culture community in the Region itself, world class theatre is just a 30 minute drive away in Stratford. Also Waterloo Region is much more diverse, both ethnically and culturally, than many people would expect.”

DAVE McKEE, VP & Associate General Counsel
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

"I have practiced law in Waterloo Region (mostly in Cambridge) since 1974 as a partner, associate and currently as a sole practitioner. In my opinion, this is one of the places to be in Ontario for a young lawyer and his/her family looking for employment opportunities and quality of life. We are no longer “Sleepy Hollow” here as in 1974. Waterloo Region and its Cities and Townships are happening places business wise and otherwise with a current combined population of in excess of 500,000 (expected to grow to in excess of 700,000 by 2030). Waterloo Region is also home to the two largest Chambers of Commerce in the Province (the Cambridge Chamber and the greater K-W Chamber). Personally, I have never looked back financially, socially or otherwise since I set up shop here. It just keeps getting better. Opportunity Knocks for young lawyers and their families here. Get away from the congestion and hectic pace of life in the GTA (about an hour away if you really need to get there) and get on board here. For more detail check out Waterloo Region’s Vital Signs 2010 Report."

Hauser Law Office
Email: ghauser@golden.net