Articling Guidelines for the Recruitment of Articling Students is currently being updated.


*Please do not contact library or law association staff for information concerning firms or positions posted.

LICENSEE POSITIONS (Lawyers and Paralegals)

Posted Feb 20, 2018

Duncan Linton-Associate Lawyer-Waterloo, ON

Posted Jan 19, 2018 

GGFI-Civil Litigation Lawyer-Kitchener, ON 

SUPPORT STAFF (Clerks, Receptionists, Assistants...)

Posted Feb 21, 2018

GGFI-Family Law Clerk-Kitchener, ON

Posted Feb 20, 2018

Duncan Linton-Legal Assistant-Waterloo, ON

Posted Jan 19, 2018 

GGFI-Litigation Law Clerk-Kitchener, ON

GGFI-Real Estate Law Clerk-Kitchener, ON